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Exclusive access to  monthly, annual and special-occasion forecasts. Chance to win free readings. Get your astrology fix and community here! Ask your questions in real time or at your leisure in a private and safe community designed to educate, entertain and enlighten.


"Thank you again for this opportunity. I truly enjoyed the course and your approach. I feel I have gained another level of comprehensive insight into this course of study. "

M. D.

"You are the only person who can read my chart accurately! Just everything is so precise."

Jessica K.

"Thank you Lee ! all of this is truly significant in my life right now !!! I am practicing awareness and each time doubt or frustration arises, I am reminding myself to trust . This helps me to remain positive especially when my ego begins to have a conversation of its own."

N. S.

"You speak clearly and warmly. I always appreciate your messages and insights. Thank you!"

M. C.

"Thank you Lee.Cherishing your wisdom since 2012 :) "

S. M. P.

"You are one of my role models/mentors. Love your words, your spirit, and your attitude and womanly fire! :) k I'm done. :0) Thanks!"

H. Q.

"Second time listening. By far the best astrology channel out there. "

B. E.

What You Get From Membership

You will have the most indepth readings available and learn how to use the astrological influences in your life in a more practical and deeply meaningful way. Membership in the lounge gives you direct access to my insights (for a fraction of the cost of a private reading) on the monthly and annual influences for your sign and you can ask questions in a more intimate and safe space inside the lounge.

Free Chart Readings

Each month, a few members will be selected for Hot Seat free chart readings to teach basic astrology principles to other members. 


Unlike the public social media spaces, the Lounge provides a more private setting for you to interact with me and with other members.

Indepth Annual Forecasts

You get exclusive access to my annual forecasts, which will be more indepth in this setting and you will have opportunities to ask questions on live events. 

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