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Goals vs. Purpose

Last night I spoke at a dinner for a women's group. The topic was "purpose". You could have knocked me and my colleagues at Camille over with a feather when the group's president told us that they'd arranged to have the attendees at each table talk about their thoughts on "purpose" before my presentation even started. 

Naturally, I thought this was brilliant! I was completely engrossed in the discussion at our table, as each woman talked about her own ideas around purpose. Each woman's story was like a jewel, a treasure, that they were giving to the rest of us. As much as I loved the slideshow we'd prepared, I felt this discussion could have gone on longer and that this moment of discussion formed the crux of the evening in many ways. 

What I discovered from that discussion was that the women around me had been thinking a LOT about purpose. What purpose was. What purpose was not. Where they were in their own journey of finding purpose. Yet, I got the...

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