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The 7 (or more) Things You Can Do on the Libra Full Moon - April 7, 2020

It’s real out there. You are quarantined. The 4 walls press in and you wonder what - other than binge-watch Netflix, scroll Instagram or watch the death toll rise from coronavirus - you can do to proactively shift the energy in your life so you can feel less anxious and antsy and more centered and empowered.


Parvati Victoria Goodwin and I have collaborated to pull together the wisdom of astrology, individual spirituality, the chakra system, life-coaching and the magic of film and storytelling to help you work this Libra Full Moon with at least a little spiritual and energetic jiu jitsu. 


Prepare for healing and deep and intriguing personal change as you move through these seven astrological events (all taking place on April 7th) in alignment with your chakra system under this powerful Full Moon. 


For each astrological event, we have compiled for you the symbolism of the event and the related chakra in your body and energy field, the shadow expression of both the astrology and the chakra, actions you can take to re-balance your energy and movies you can watch that work in a positive way with the energies of this potent Full Moon.


Before we launch into what you can do to maximize any benefits under this challenging Full Moon, we want to say our hearts go out to all of you in your current situations. We are keenly aware of the loss, fatigue, fear, and grief going on across the planet. Likewise, many of you are okay. For that, we are grateful. Remember, we are all in this together.


Stay tuned for our video on YouTube as we parse this out for you:


  1. Libra Moon- Opposing the Sun. Symbolic of justice and fairness and love of humankind 
      • Sacral Chakra - emotions, pleasure, sexuality, feelings, sweetness of life 
      • Shadow Expression - guilt
      • You can
        1. Find “The Sweetness of Life” 
        2. Drink a lot of water, eat fruit
        3. Move your hips (yoga for the hip area, dancing with the hips) 
        4. Watch Babette’s Feast, Chocolat


  1. Aries Sun - Opposing the Moon. Symbolic of war, energy, passion, action, fire - 
      • Root Chakra - self-preservation, physical health - 
      • Shadow Expression - fear
      • You can
        1. Connect with the Earth - 
        2. Starting an indoor garden, 
        3. Getting outside if possible (even just on a balcony) 
        4. Environmental detox
        5. Watch or read The Secret Garden or The Golden Compass


  1. Eris - Conjunct the axis of this Full Moon, symbolic of disruption, chaos and disagreement 
      • Third Eye - clarity vs. illusion, intuition vs. logic, self-reflection vs. denial and blame - 
      • Shadow Expression - headaches, nightmares, hallucinations 
      • You can
        1. Self-reflection, look in the mirror into your own eyes with compassion and awe and wonder 
        2. mind detox
        3. Watch Maleficent, Wicked or Wizard of Oz


  1. Pluto - Squared by Full Moon, symbolic of cycles of life and death, light and dark 
      • Solar Plexus Chakra - willpower, strength, purpose - 
      • Shadow Expression - shame
      • You can
        1. movement is medicine, move your body, 
        2. ask yourself - do you attempt to dominate and control with your energy? Or, are you passive?
        3. Sweat
        4. Watch Book Club or Cocoon


  1. Jupiter - Squared by Full Moon and conjunct Pluto, symbolic of luck, abundance, wealth, out-control-growth, escalation 
      • Crown Chakra - awareness, connection to infinity, spiritual connection, wisdom, knowledge, taking the high road, the right to know - 
      • Shadow Expression - attachment
      • You can
        1. Pray (talk TO God) and 
        2. Meditation (listen to God), 
        3. create a sacred space or altar in your home.
        4. believe in miracles? 
        5. make a scene - be in alignment with truth of the divine and the universe
        6. Watch or read Eat, Pray, Love or The Darjeeling Limited


  1. Saturn - Newly in Aquarius, squared by Full Moon - symbolic of boundaries, learning hard lessons, maturing, and the Aquarius symbolism of new, unique solutions to life
      • Throat Chakra - to listen and to speak,clear communication 
      • Shadow Expression - lies
      • You can -
        1. Gargle with salt water
        2. Declutter (ex: Clean out your closet)
        3. The Other Woman or Peggy Sue Got Married


  1. Venus - Trined by Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Mars 
      • Heart Chakra - self-love, acceptance, bridge to get where we want to go, balance - 
      • Shadow Expression - grief
      • You can -
        1. Place your hands over your heart (center of your chest) 
        2. Close your eyes 
        3. Bow to your heart chakra 
        4. Notice the sensations and feelings
        5. Watch or read Pride and Prejudice or Austin Powers

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