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How to Make Your Life Disaster Proof

This week's astrology forecast (for Lounge Members there is a video), is about the New Moon, but also about Uranus in Taurus, which is conjunct the New Moon.

As you may know, Taurus is about security, comfort, sameness, staying put, holding your ground, financial stability. Uranus is about change with a capital "C". It is about flexibility and moving boldly into new frontiers. The Sun (an element of a New Moon) is about your ego and its desire to keep you where you are, at all costs. The ego resists change even more strongly than Taurus. The Moon is your emotional landscape. 

So, you put all that together (and connect the dots to the Pluto/Jupiter/Saturn mashup) and you have a time of great financial change mixed with dinosaur thinking, dinosaur and caveman ways of seeing and doing things. Under this New Moon, tradition and old ideas and opinions are not favored. New ways of seeing things and doing things ARE favored.

If you want inspiration and a solid metaphor for how to make your life disaster proof, read this article on disaster-proof homes. To make your life disaster proof, you need to be willing to look weird. You need to be willing to be laughed at. You need to be willing to be the first to do something strange and deal with any "unsure" feelings. 

Of course, Uranus also is brilliant and uses the scientific method to advance itself. Uranus is not about behaving stupidly, based on opinions just pulled out of your you-know-what. Uranus works hard to research and prove its hypothesis, using consistent exploratory methods and proven results. 

Therefore, the kind of "being weird and different" required to be disaster proof involves a kind of disciplined genius that knows what it is doing. It is not based on arrogance and foolishness, but on consistent work and study on "what works" and "what could work". 

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