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How to Make Your Life Disaster Proof

This week's astrology forecast (for Lounge Members there is a video), is about the New Moon, but also about Uranus in Taurus, which is conjunct the New Moon.

As you may know, Taurus is about security, comfort, sameness, staying put, holding your ground, financial stability. Uranus is about change with a capital "C". It is about flexibility and moving boldly into new frontiers. The Sun (an element of a New Moon) is about your ego and its desire to keep you where you are, at all costs. The ego resists change even more strongly than Taurus. The Moon is your emotional landscape. 

So, you put all that together (and connect the dots to the Pluto/Jupiter/Saturn mashup) and you have a time of great financial change mixed with dinosaur thinking, dinosaur and caveman ways of seeing and doing things. Under this New Moon, tradition and old ideas and opinions are not favored. New ways of seeing things and doing things ARE favored.

If you want inspiration and a solid metaphor for...

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The 7 (or more) Things You Can Do on the Libra Full Moon - April 7, 2020

It’s real out there. You are quarantined. The 4 walls press in and you wonder what - other than binge-watch Netflix, scroll Instagram or watch the death toll rise from coronavirus - you can do to proactively shift the energy in your life so you can feel less anxious and antsy and more centered and empowered.


Parvati Victoria Goodwin and I have collaborated to pull together the wisdom of astrology, individual spirituality, the chakra system, life-coaching and the magic of film and storytelling to help you work this Libra Full Moon with at least a little spiritual and energetic jiu jitsu. 


Prepare for healing and deep and intriguing personal change as you move through these seven astrological events (all taking place on April 7th) in alignment with your chakra system under this powerful Full Moon. 


For each astrological event, we have compiled for you the symbolism of the event and the related chakra in your body and energy field, the shadow...

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Want to Feel Differently? Art Can Change Your Life In An Instant

One time, I wanted to help take my cousin’s mind off her father’s cancer diagnosis and, under the impression from the trailer that the movie was a straight-up comedy, I took her to see Terms of Endearment. (*sigh*)

So much for that! Yet, all these years later I stick to my original premise. Art can make us feel different – perhaps even better.


As I was preparing to go to Costa Rica last week to see my daughter, who is volunteering there,

a song from They Might Be Giants popped up in my music feed. It’s been AGES since I listened to They Might Be Giants! Was so fun to be reminded of their silly, witty lyrics. Also, I have a place for them in my heart because one of them was from Sudbury, MA, where my kids were born and where they sang their little hearts out to “Why Does the Sun Shine? (The Sun Is a Mass of Incandescent Gas)” in a kindergarten performance.

So there I was, last week, packing for Costa Rica. I heard this song and was...

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The Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn in 2020

The best astrology (just as in science) comes from keen observation with an open mind. You can be just as savvy as any astrologer simply by observing what is within you and around you. 

What are you observing right now? I guarantee you that the current - and rare - conjunction of Pluto and Saturn in your chart has created a tapestry of meaning that contains many threads that are interwoven.

This conjunction is not about "one thing". It is a culmination of your life. It is showing you what you have built (or destroyed, in some cases). It is showing you the many things you have learned (and where you yet have more learning to do). It is showing you your strengths (and where you could strengthen further still).

Look at your life as a tapestry that is rich and complex and beautiful, even if it is worn or frayed around the edges. Even if the colors bleed into one another here and there. The imperfection is the mark of a great handmade textile. The imperfection is what makes it...

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Goals vs. Purpose

Last night I spoke at a dinner for a women's group. The topic was "purpose". You could have knocked me and my colleagues at Camille over with a feather when the group's president told us that they'd arranged to have the attendees at each table talk about their thoughts on "purpose" before my presentation even started. 

Naturally, I thought this was brilliant! I was completely engrossed in the discussion at our table, as each woman talked about her own ideas around purpose. Each woman's story was like a jewel, a treasure, that they were giving to the rest of us. As much as I loved the slideshow we'd prepared, I felt this discussion could have gone on longer and that this moment of discussion formed the crux of the evening in many ways. 

What I discovered from that discussion was that the women around me had been thinking a LOT about purpose. What purpose was. What purpose was not. Where they were in their own journey of finding purpose. Yet, I got the...

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