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In the business world, women are often passed over for men - EVEN WHEN THE HIRING MANAGER IS LOOKING FOR WOMEN OR THE PURCHASING DEPARTMENT IS LOOKING FOR WOMEN BUSINESS OWNERS. Why? HR managers attribute this to the way that many men project themselves (authoritative, confident, assured) and the way many women project themselves (restrained, cautious , "nice"). In In the VIP AstroCoaching program, you learn how to step into your full authority and power. You learn to show up.

My clients come to me because they are at a crossroads in their life and career. They come to me because my approach is atypical. I am unique, with a unique background and way of doing things.

I don't start with the faulty notion that something is "wrong" with you that needs fixing. I don't view you as broken. In fact, it is my belief that you are a complete and perfect soul that perhaps wants some assistance learning how to see yourSELF this way!

Also, this process is not about "climbing" or learning to set goals. You already know how to set goals.

If you are working with me, you most likely have realized that the aim of all of your past struggle was really a quest for living more fully, deeply and  authentically. And, now that you know that, you are ready to learn HOW.

You are ready to live a life that feels energizing, self-nourishing and inspirational. You are ready to get on your path to purpose, thrive and have fun!

Come Out of Hiding and BE SEEN!

Listen to this video to find out more about you can come out of your hiding place and move yourself out into the world with condfidence. Learn how to come home to yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin!

"Experiencing Lee's life coaching is to feel the patience of a skillful listener who gives you time to think through and voice your thoughts. She then asks guided question to help you process your thoughts which are often conflicting or uncertain. She might offer up a suggestion to see how it resonates or point out a possibility you have not yet considered. All of this happens with her soothing, calm voice. I never feel pressured, rushed or unheard when I am talking with Lee. Supported, yes. Challenged, yes. All with a feeling of her sincerity and understanding that is precious."

Anna B.

" Lee has a remarkably calm, soothing presence and her voice is reflective of her groundedness. Relaxed, soft, strong and steady, her voice took us on explorations of the present, the past, the universe, and through forests and treasured places of our own imaginations."

Tripta. S.

"I am writing on behalf of Lee Sears and what I consider to be her exceptional talent and skill in life coaching, including her ability to lead inspiring, wonderful guided meditations for individuals and groups, and her ability to listen, be present, and guide people to a better understanding of where and how they want to grow in their life journey, be it personally, socially or professionally. "

K. D.

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